Dentistry Kids

Have you been afraid of a dentist as a child? It will not happen to your children — they will have completely different feelings. Children are happy to visit a doctor at DMC Clinic.

All the doctors here are their loving, caring, and capturing friends. 

0% — pain! 0% — fear!

Dentistry kids
First tooth

A new baby in the house? Plan your visit to DMC Clinic once your child gets the first teeth. We will consult you on how to avoid teeth problems in the future.

Our mission is to teach parents how to preserve healthy teeth in their children: to form oral health, teeth care, and healthy food habits from early childhood. 

Dentist appointment

We know that visiting a dentist is a very important and stressful event. That’s why our piece of advice for you is: try not to transfer your emotions on the child. Don’t tell him\her «it won’t hurt» or «there is nothing to be scared of».

All the rest is our job. We know how to avoid fear, adapt the child to the environment and treat without the slightest pain. 

The first dentist appointment is not for treatment — it is for making friends. A doctor will get to know the little patient and find a way to contact the child. The dentist will also evaluate the teeth’ conditions and oral health. During this visit, the doctor finds the right approach for the child and plans the following treatment or preventing procedures.

Decay prevention

The toothpaste, fluoride varnishes, gels, and other local use means are effective mostly on the flat surfaces of the teeth. Unfortunately, they have limited penetration depth and a much less protective effect on the natural grooves of the teeth called fissures. 

That’s why the most effective decay prevention method is sealing the fissures with specific materials, creating a barrier for bacteria infiltration.

The sealing compositions are completely safe, highly effective, and economically viable. They don’t harm the enamel maturation process and let the salvia mineral components easily go through. The fissure sealing is needed within the first months after the teething begins. It helps to reduce the risk of decay by 80%.

In our clinic, we perform the procedure in a particular way: we treat the prepared fissure with the air-abrasion RONDOflex pen, which cures decay even in the early stages. All the phases of sealing are absolutely painless for the child and take much less time than the teeth treatment. 


What if the decay has already appeared? Treat it. Our task is to make this process painless and safe. That’s why we turn a treatment process into an interesting game for a child.

First, we spread a dental freezing gel over the gum. But in our clinic, we call it a «tasty jam». Then we use a local anesthetic, but thanks to the gel a little patient doesn’t fill the puncture. After that, we treat the decay by hard tooth tissue dissecting. 

And, of course, in the end, we give a present and a xylitol candy to the young hero and praise him or her for being brave. 

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