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We know: a happy smile is not just about healthy teeth.
It tells about the health of the whole body. Your happy smile is a point of our work.

Patients of all ages come to us to smile without reserve and fear anytime and anywhere. 

  • An interdisciplinary approach to every patient
  • The teamwork of the clinic doctors
  • Professionalism and humanity
  • Anti-Age dentistry returns youth to your smile
  • Modern technologies and advanced equipment

Dental X-rays are essential for the correct diagnostics of oral cavity problems. An X-ray will show a dentist if you have decays, abscesses, abnormal formations, and gingival diseases. Besides, an X-ray allows a doctor to define the location and condition of the infected or unerupted tooth.

In our work, we use the X-ray machine MyRay. It is an Italian brand which is a holding company owned by Cefla Dental Group — one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental equipment.

The CT scanner Hyperion X9 is an extraoral roentgenologic system for 2D digital panorama and tomography images, as well as for 3D reconstruction of the cranial structures, significantly influencing the treatment quality. Hyperion X9 combines advanced technologies and ergonomics, and adapts to the patient, ensuring the images of the highest resolution for the lowest possible intensity of the X-rays.

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An endodontist is a specialist who treats tooth root canals. Such treatment is a must in case of tooth decay implications, dental traumas, sometimes it is needed for prosthetics preparation.

To preserve healthy tooth tissues we use the operating microscope. It helps to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the canal system, perform all stages of endodontic treatment under the doctor’s control, and ensure extreme precision.
Our clinic deals with the cysts and cystic granulomas conservative treatment, tool splinters extracting, impassable canals unsealing, and teeth with detected perforations treatment.

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Modern stomatologists apply gnathology — an area of expertise about the relationship of the dentoalveolar system components. It is essential when doctors need extreme precision to restore the nature of teeth and their harmony relative to one another, reach coherence in the work of muscle, and let the dentoalveolar system live in peace with all the body. 

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In cases, when the conservative treatment doesn’t yield results, — for example, when it is impossible to unseal a poorly cured canal or the root system has a complex anatomy, — there is a need for dental extractions and replacing teeth with implants. 
Thanks to the newest achievements in implantology and the level of DMC Clinic team qualification, we can reach outstanding results. We develop an implantation plan and design a patient’s new smile. 
During the operations, we apply medication sleep for the maximum comfort of the patient. We use plasm therapy Endoret to create easier conditions of rehabilitation. It accelerates healing, reduces postoperative pain, relieves inflammation and swelling, helps to avoid overloading of the organism with painkillers and antibiotics.
We successfully use these technologies even in more complicated operations such as sine lifting, flap soft tissue plastic surgery, building of jaw bone thickness and height.

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Plasm therapy

A plasma therapy in dentistry is a treatment method which uses patient’s own blood. In DMC Clinic, we use the most progressive technology Endoret which has a huge base of scientific researches.
The injectable plasma therapy helps to cure gingivitis and periodontitis, quickly stops gum bleeding and pain, strengthens periodontal tissues, prevents tooth loosening and loss. Endoret is also effectively used in dental surgery.

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Just a short time ago orthodontic treatment was considered effective only in childhood. Thanks to the development of orthodontics today the median age of the patients is 25-45 years.

In DMC Clinic, we use removable and permanent orthodontic equipment. The removable ones are bite plates for children and adults and fixing mouthguards to retain the result.  Among the permanent equipment, there are brace systems of external and internal fixation. 

In our clinic, we also use the Invisalign system. It is an orthodontic system which is not visible on the teeth and doesn’t create discomfort. With the braces, you have to visit the clinic often to pull up the braces arches, but with Invisalign aligners, there is no such problem. It is especially important for people with a busy schedule. First, the patient wears one mouthguard, later — the next one, and gradually teeth change their position. It is essential that you can easily take off the aligners to eat or brush teeth. It is far more comfortable than the braces, which need special care, and, if the patient neglects it, can cause decay. 

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Orthopedic dentistry

Modern Anti-Age dental rehabilitation protocols provide for the restoration of original bite height vulnerable to age-related changes.
In DMC Clinic, we develop an individual plan for every patient. It can include several stages and go together with the orthodontic correction of bite and teeth positioning. We also restore a healthy harmony from the point of gnathology and osteopathy. 

In DMC Clinic, we carry out photo diagnostics and Digital Smile Design before the beginning of the treatment. We develop an ideal reconstruction model individually for every patient. 

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Periodontitis and periodontosis are serious diseases, but patients often mix them up. Let us explain the difference. 

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth. It is caused by the sediments of bacterial plaque on teeth and gums. Without cleaning up, this plaque turns into tartar which eventually grows into the depth of gums. As a result, gum pockets appear. Bacteria are breeding freely inside of them because these places are unreachable for the toothbrush and floss. If you don’t recognize the disease in time, the gum atrophy begins — teeth eventually lose strong ties to alveoli and fall out after a while.

Periodontosis is a bone degradation process when the gum settles gradually, exposing the teeth roots, without an inflammatory process, while periodontitis is characterized by a distinct inflammatory process.
What’s interesting is that hormonal changes occurring in women aged 40 years and above affect deeply the periodontium tissues. It can lead to problems with the whole dentoalveolar system. Our task is to reveal these changes at the earliest stage and stop the process. 

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«The body rests on its feet during the day, and on its teeth at night», — that’s how we can briefly describe the connection between dentistry and osteopathy. Teeth are the outgrowth of the skull bones and support for the right biomechanics of the temporomandibular (jaw) joint. However, it is not a closed system, it is a part of the whole body musculoskeletal system.

Our specialists take into consideration these correlations during the dentist rehabilitation planning and involve a professional osteopath in the work. The doctor helps to harmonize the dentoalveolar system relatively to the load distribution in the whole spine and skeleton. This is the only way to avoid early posture breaches in our patients, as well as the new skeletal imbalance.

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Medication sleep

Sedation or medication sleep is an excellent opportunity to get qualitative, comfortable, and, most importantly, — perfectly painless treatment in the dentist chair for adults and children. 
Before receiving sedation, doctor runs patients preliminary diagnostic tests which includes cardiogram and the full blood panel. You can do it directly in our clinic. We recommend medication sleep at any stage to patients who are anxious or afraid of dental procedures, allergic to local anesthetics, who face long-lasting and voluminous surgery.

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