DMC Clinic

Our complex anti-age approach in dentistry and therapy helps to preserve the youth of our clients. We combine the achievements of these two fields of medicine to refine age-related changes of the face and body.

Here in DMC Clinic we cannot stop or reverse the time. But it is entirely in our power to preserve your sense of well-being, energy, inner harmony, and longevity. 

The treatment does not require hospitalization. You can devote your health as much time, as you choose, without having to interrupt your business or family life, and while remaining socially active.

Founder of DMC Clinic

I have worked my way all along up to the creation of my clinic: I’ve started as a dental assistant and ended up as the head doctor.
I traveled a lot and have visited many foreign clinics. The level of service, doctors’ skills, attention to the smallest details, as well as the complex approach of the specialists inspired me to create my own clinic of excellent service.
At the same time, I watched my age-related changes. A job, my family, and a child took a lot of energy. I wondered if there is a way to remain in the same resource as at the age of 30. After all, the age-related changes are not about the wrinkles, but about the activity of all the body systems.

As a doctor, I understood what happens in my body, and could evaluate, how age-related changes are treated in the US and Europe. I knew which result I want to achieve for myself and where I want to lead my patients. Yes, now the average lifespan is longer — the age of 50 is considered a new 35. But it is better to get prepared for it by the age of 30.

The image of an aging-management clinic grew from my personal demand. I understood: I don’t need temporary measures but a systematic approach, as well as the other people who fight aging. This idea generated a tremendous response from my friends and family, who have already tried different anti-age means. 

Creating DMC Clinic I used this approach as a fundamental one. Our pool of doctors aims not just to relieve the toothache, restore the face harmony and rejuvenate the smile, but also to examine the work of the whole organism to correct the health problems and prevent future diseases. We are a team of partners passionate about work and eager to help their clients. If you are ready to change yourselves and the whole concept of aging, be healthy now and in the future — we are here ready to help.

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