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A plasma therapy in dentistry is a treatment method which uses patient’s own blood. In DMC Clinic, we use the most progressive technology Endoret which has a huge base of scientific researches.

The injectable plasma therapy helps to cure gingivitis and periodontitis, quickly stops gum bleeding and pain, strengthens periodontal tissues, prevents tooth loosening and loss. Endoret is also effectively used in dental surgery. 
In cases, when the conservative treatment doesn’t yield results, — for example, when it is impossible to unseal a poorly cured canal or the root system has a complex anatomy, — there is a need for dental extractions and replacing teeth with implants. 

Thanks to the newest achievements in implantology and the level of DMC Clinic team qualification, we can reach outstanding results. We develop an implantation plan and design a patient’s new smile. 

During the operations, we apply medication sleep for the maximum comfort of the patient. We use plasm therapy Endoret to create easier conditions of rehabilitation. It accelerates healing, reduces postoperative pain, relieves inflammation and swelling, helps to avoid overloading of the organism with painkillers and antibiotics.

We successfully use these technologies even in more complicated operations such as sine lifting, flap soft tissue plastic surgery, building of jaw bone thickness and height.

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An endodontist is a specialist who treats tooth root canals. Such treatment is a must in case of tooth decay implications, dental traumas, sometimes it is needed for prosthetics preparation.

To preserve healthy tooth tissues we use the operating microscope. It helps to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the canal system, perform all stages of endodontic treatment under the doctor’s control, and ensure extreme precision. 

Our clinic deals with the cysts and cystic granulomas conservative treatment, tool splinters extracting, impassable canals unsealing, and teeth with detected perforations treatment.

Dental X-rays are essential for the correct diagnostics of oral cavity problems. An X-ray will show a dentist if you have decays, abscesses, abnormal formations, and gingival diseases. Besides, an X-ray allows a doctor to define the location and condition of the infected or unerupted tooth.

In our work, we use the X-ray machine MyRay. It is an Italian brand which is a holding company owned by Cefla Dental Group — one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental equipment.

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Modern Anti-Age dental rehabilitation protocols provide for the restoration of original bite height vulnerable to age-related changes. 

In DMC Clinic, we develop an individual plan for every patient. It can include several stages and go together with the orthodontic correction of bite and teeth positioning. We also restore a healthy harmony from the point of gnathology and osteopathy. 

In DMC Clinic, we carry out photo diagnostics and Digital Smile Design before the beginning of the treatment. We develop an ideal reconstruction model individually for every patient.

Just a short time ago orthodontic treatment was considered effective only in childhood. Thanks to the development of orthodontics today the median age of the patients is 25-45 years.

In DMC Clinic, we use removable and permanent orthodontic equipment. The removable ones are bite plates for children and adults and fixing mouthguards to retain the result.  Among the permanent equipment, there are brace systems of external and internal fixation. 

In our clinic, we also use the Invisalign system. It is an orthodontic system which is not visible on the teeth and doesn’t create discomfort. With the braces, you have to visit the clinic often to pull up the braces arches, but with Invisalign aligners, there is no such problem. It is especially important for people with a busy schedule. First, the patient wears one mouthguard, later — the next one, and gradually teeth change their position. It is essential that you can easily take off the aligners to eat or brush teeth. It is far more comfortable than the braces, which need special care, and, if the patient neglects it, can cause decay. 

The CT scanner Hyperion X9 is an extraoral roentgenologic system for 2D digital panorama and tomography images, as well as for 3D reconstruction of the cranial structures, significantly influencing the treatment quality. Hyperion X9 combines advanced technologies and ergonomics, and adapts to the patient, ensuring the images of the highest resolution for the lowest possible intensity of the X-rays.

The bioidentical hormones are also known as BHRT, or hormone replacement therapy. Their molecular structure is identical to the structure of human hormones. That’s why the organism recognizes them as natural. They also don’t have any side effects in contrast to the notorious synthetical medications. For today BHRT is the newest and safest technology. In our clinic, we use high-quality bioidentical transdermal cremes both in men and women. 

An optimal level of physical activity should be adjusted by the specialist. The physical profile of a person is a genetic trait. There are weightlifters, and there are athletes, stayers, or sprinters. After the diagnostics with consideration of the genetic passport, lifestyle, age, and necessities study, the specialist recommends a personalized plan of physical activities. 

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An innovative PRF-therapy or plasmolifting is a maximum safety invention. The plasm for infusions is prepared from the patient’s blood. It meant that it is not alien to the body. After the blood is centrifuged, the doctor gets a plasm left in the tube. It is thrombocyte-rich and has a unique property — it delivers growth stimulating factors to tissues. During the therapy own collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid regenerate in the body. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory method, which improves blood microcirculation and saturates tissues with oxygen. 

When the muscles, ligaments, bones, vessels, and joints lose their elasticity, the other body systems compensate for the mobility disorders. It causes pain, tension, or inflammations. The specialists of our clinic believe, that only the systematic work on the interrelationship of all body parts can lead to outstanding results. For example, if a patient has a headache after large-scale work has been done to improve the bite by bracing — an osteopath can help here. The specialist provides osteopathic treatment and influences anatomical structures to improve micro-mobility. The treatment restores the balance of systems in the whole organism.

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For our patients, we develop a personalized nutrition correction plan. It is not a diet. Our specialists correct the nutrition habits in consideration of genetic factors. Some people need more fats, others need proteins or carbohydrates. We will distinguish products, which cause latent allergization and replace them to recover GI tract function and relieve pressure on the immune system. As a rule, patients need treatment programs for a period of one to three months. After that, we recommend a wider nutrition plan which our patients hold throughout their lives.

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The medical ozone is more potent than any antibiotic. Ozone therapy has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and antiallergic therapeutic effects. It is also used in cardiovascular disease treatment because it helps to normalize vascular tone. The therapy is based on injecting ozone mixtures of different concentrations. 

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The interval hypoxia intensifies the microcirculation, increases the number of mitochondria, accelerates oxygen delivery to tissues, helps to absorb glucose better, mobilizes the function of brain cells. This method is widely used to prevent diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular diseases. It also restores general tonus. Interestingly, 40 minutes of hypoxia are equal to the 90-minute workout by the impact on the body. 

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We teach our patients how to handle stress and depressive disorders through special methods and techniques. These techniques also help our patients to change the focus of life and be positive, joyful, and livable. Our stress-management and life coaching specialists provide the necessary psychological support to achieve outstanding results on the way to qualitative aging and a healthy lifestyle. 

Kinesiology is a science of the human body movement. Here in DMC Clinic, a kinesiologist diagnoses toxic effects, viral and food intolerance, emotional condition, and the stress level in the body by the muscle tone. Depending on tension or relaxation in the muscles, the specialist finds out, which organs function better or worse. If the balance in the body is disturbed, the doctor uses kinesiological methods to diagnose and treat the disease. The method is effective for chronic back, cervical and thoracic spine, lower back pain. After the manual correction, if needed, a doctor adds kinesio taping. The elastic duct tape relaxes overexerted muscles and recovers them faster. 

Our wellness programs are supplemented with personal medication support. Based on the genetic test and other analysis we find out the key pathological processes occurring in the body and aim the effort from the specific nutraceuticals on it. In the clinic, we use specific nutraceutical supplements — unique medications made of high-quality raw materials. They are produced in the EU by the recipes of the specialists from our clinic. 

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In DMC Clinic, we apply a set of proven and safe body therapies, which accelerate lymphatic drainage and encourage detoxification of the body. The main purpose of these therapies is to drain liquid from the lymph node tissues, where the bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed. The work with the congested areas of the body helps to fight obesity and swelling, saturates the skin with mineral compounds and builds up its tone,  helps to correct body contours, reinforces the immune system, reduces cellulite, helps to detoxicate the body. 

The personalized intravenous vitamin therapy is based on the unique schemes of comprehensive medication combination. The system provides fast delivery of essential medicine to body cells. These substances effectively «open» cells and inject useful components into them. The method normalizes the work of mitochondria, helps to fight free radicals, speeds up the metabolic processes, restores cells and extracellular space function. The medications are produced in Germany on the special order of our clinic. 

Cryotherapy is a modern and effective treatment method when the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures by -140 °C. This unique method is based on the stress on the immune system. It mobilizes under extreme conditions so that blood circulation speeds up, the body releases hormones and supplies tissues with oxygen, the bloodstream improves, the immune system becomes more active, working efficiency increases.

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